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Why attend?

Life Simply Done

James Malinchak, Two times College Speaker of the Year and Co Author of the Best-Selling book Chicken Soup for the College Soul,says “If you are looking for total fulfillment & spiritual fulfillment, but more importantly,

James Malinchak on Live Beyond Fufilment!

if you are looking for the tools on how to achieve it and how to have a very well balanced happy spiritual life, then do yourself a favor and attend my friend Dehbra’s next event and you will be so grateful you attended, and you will go back again and again!

Welcome to Life Simply Done!

Life Simply Done was developed by Dehbra to share, guide and assist others in creating a Life of Joy, Happiness, Love, Balance and Fulfillment.

The integration of Spirituality into each moment of every day allows one to experience a Life Simply Done.

Dehbra’s definition of Spirituality: The positive action of Attitude, Behavior and Choice.

Special Events/ Seminars:

Sharing With Dehbra
** Changed to Thursdays **
Thursday July 14, 2016
6:30pm - 9:30pm

**Do not register through Website, please call 602-863-4562
or email

A Lifestyle Movement.

Life Simply Done is a Lifestyle Movement that blends Mind, Body and Spirit into your
daily Life.

Life Simply Done seminars and coaching are different. The information is everywhere,
but it is Life Simply Done that gives the practical methodology of application for
immediate results. The approach Life Simply Done shares with you works in
conjunction with your time schedule and your lifestyle.


Our Friends

The Conscious Community features some of the finest Metaphysical and Holistic Experts. These are authentic, hard working people that are here to assist you on your unique path. Every person listed on this site has agreed to abide by the Mission Statement and has met our stringent requirements.

Carpe diem!


I have worked with Dehbra for almost 6 years now. Her tools and skill set continue to amaze me. To put it simply, I am a better person and live a much more thankful and enjoyable life because of her.

Robert G.
Senior Client Executive
Dallas, Texas