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Life Simply Done

James Malinchak, Two times College Speaker of the Year and Co Author of the Best-Selling book Chicken Soup for the College Soul,says “If you are looking for total fulfillment & spiritual fulfillment, but more importantly,

James Malinchak on Live Beyond Fufilment!

if you are looking for the tools on how to achieve it and how to have a very well balanced happy spiritual life, then do yourself a favor and attend my friend Dehbra’s next event and you will be so grateful you attended, and you will go back again and again!

6 Reasons to Attend


You may ask yourself,
"Why should I attend
LSD Seminars and
Coahing Events?

__Well here are 6 reasons why!

Life Simply DoneLSDYou are ready for the Life Simply Donedrama to stop!

Life Simply DoneLSDYou know there is a Life Simply Donebalanced life inside of you
Life Simply Donesomewhere, you just can’t Life Simply Doneseem to find it.

Life Simply DoneLSDYou have reached many of Life Simply Doneyour goals, but feel you Life Simply Donecould achieve more.

Life Simply DoneLSDYou got it, you Life Simply DoneLife Simply Doneunderstand it, you just Life Simply Donehave to know how to Life Simply Doneintegrate it.

Life Simply DoneLSDYou deserve and want to Life Simply Donelive life to its fullest!

Life Simply DoneLSDLife Simply Done Life Simply DoneLife Simply Doneguarantees the methods Life Simply Doneshared can immediately Life Simply Donebe applied into your Life Simply Donedaily Living!

Seek & you shall find!


"Dehbra is such an amazing person! She has given me clarity on so many things. She will inspire you and challenge you, and give you the tools to be the best person you can be!"

Ginny H
Los Angeles, CA

Life Simply Done