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Life Simply Done

James Malinchak, Two times College Speaker of the Year and Co Author of the Best-Selling book Chicken Soup for the College Soul,says “If you are looking for total fulfillment & spiritual fulfillment, but more importantly,

James Malinchak on Live Beyond Fufilment!

if you are looking for the tools on how to achieve it and how to have a very well balanced happy spiritual life, then do yourself a favor and attend my friend Dehbra’s next event and you will be so grateful you attended, and you will go back again and again!

LSD Coaching

LSD Seminars



Private Group Coaching is a fun and informative way for family, friends and business associates to share is a unique experience.

Standard Private Group Coaching consists of a minimum fee of $225 for up to 10 participants. (Travel fee may be included if outside Phoenix, AZ proper)

Below you will find a list of some of the Coaching offered:

Sharing with Dehbra

  Basic Intro to Numerology

Go From Grieving to Joy

Balancing Your Life

Shifting Negatives to Positives

... and more

If more than 10 participants, there will be an additional fee.



Individual Private Coaching is designed specifically for each individual and their needs.

An Individual Private Coaching experience involves 3 separate 1 hour sessions working on a specific issue. When paid upfront, the fee is $360. Payment by hour session is $150 per session - total of $450.

If additional sessions are mutually agreed upon, there will be a review of the fees.

_____****If you are not completely satisfied with the results you will be reimbursed.


To schedule a Coaching Event, please contact Dehbra at 602-863-4562 or email or at


My wife Tina and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Dehbra speak at various seminars over the years.  We always come away with new insights that have enabled us to live happier and more productive lives as individuals and as a couple.

Ed M., Territory Sales Manager
Tina M., Realtor
Davidsonville, MD

Life Simply Done

Carpe diem!